We’re preggers!

It’s funny how everybody always sells us this perfect picture of pregnancy, parenthood and life after kids. No one ever tells you about the grey shading into pitch black side of itBut I guess the time has come for someone to speak up. Of course you ghose magic unicorn moms who have absolutely NO side effects during or after pregnancy, so If you are one of those and you are reading this, IT’S GOING TO GET VIOLENT!

Read on at own risk….

So you and hubby have been trying to fall pregnant for a while and one day you realise that you haven’t had your period, or you’re not sure whether you’ve already had it or maybe you should still get it. With a confused grin you stare calmly into the distance and wait for those few minutes that seem like  hours to pass before you look at your home pregnancy test and to your excitement it is 100% POSITIVE!!

Immediately you phone hubby, he’s extatic, you’re excited and your mother cries as if it’s the day you were born. Except she says she’s happy for you and she sounds happy, but she’s hiding a secret…. She knows exactly what’s waiting on you for the next 9 to 10 months.


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