Starting kindergarden


I’ve litterally hit the ground running this year. My son is only 14months old and he started going to kindergarden. The reason for me sending him is because I’m a working mom running a beauty salon from home and it’s difficult for me to maintain a professional image and working environment with him grabbing the gel brush from my hand or coming in when I’m doing a wax, facial or massage treatment. He only goes for half day so I can do my relaxing and intense treatments during the morning. BUT!!! Eversince I sent him there I have been getting inbetween the lines judgement from stay at home moms who put Facebook statusses up about raising your own child etc etc BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! Yes, I am at home. Yes, I am a mom. Yes, I raise my own son with the help of my husband… BUT!!! I don’t sit around doing nothing all day. I help the domestic worker clean the house, I help my clients get beautiful nails and bodies, I do grocery shopping, I make my own line of bath and body products. Some days are slower than others, but I am busy every single day.

By the time I need to fetch my son I am usually not even done with everything. but I am grateful that I am in the position to be able to send my son there. He loves playing with the other kids, he’s in a routine, he learns new things everyday that I wouldn’t have had time to teach him and he gets the attention that he needs. Eversince he started he has litterally grown up! He does so many things that he probably wouldn’t have been able to do if he was still at home. he plays outside where it is safe and a loving teacher keeps an eye on him, so he doesn’t just sit and watch tv like he would’ve done here at home, because mommy has to work and it’s not safe for him to play alone outside. I am grateful for the amazing and loving teacher and principal he has. Eventhough he cries everyday (it’s only been 1 week) when I drop him off, his teacher calms him down instanly, and by the time that I am out the door I don’t even hear him crying anymore. When I fetch him in the afternoon he is so tired from playing with the other kids he can’t wait to take a nap. That in itself is a positive sign to me that I made the best desision I could have ever made.

No mom can care for her kids properly if she’s stuck at home every single day with her kids crying OR not crying. A mom needs a break!! Even if it’s just for a few hours once a week and believe it or not, your kids need a break from you too! I am grateful that my son could be with me everyday since the day he was born, but now I am also grateful for being able to give him a chance to grow in his social skills, to give him his chance to explore and learn to get know new people and other kids. And when he comes home by lunchtime I am grateful that I still have the rest of yhe day to spend with him. So to those moms who judge me because I work from home and yet I send my son to kindergarden, I am doing him, myself and my business a huge favour.

Enough said.

2014 has been so busy so far. This past Saturday was the first Saturday this year that I woke up in my own bed, in my own house!! YES, I know how that sounds, but we have had so many things to attend this year already that sleeping out was the best option. For the next few weekends I have 3 birthday parties and 2 babyshowers to attend. And inbetween all this madness and crazyness I still seem to be able to find the calm in the storm. When I go to bed at night and reflect on the day and start talking to my Saviour about things conscerning my life and my heart He calms me and tells me that it’s ok. It’s ok to be tired, it’s ok to cry, it’s ok to worry, but the important thing is that I remember He is in controll of every single second of my life. I’ve been recieving scripture for a while now that I don’t have to be scared, He is my right hand, He goes ahead and defeats my enemy before me, He has given me victory over all worries, and it’s then that I can fall asleep with a calm heart, a clear mind and a peace filled soul, because I know my God is already in my tomorrow.

I hope you found this post inspiring. Just be yourself. Be the best you that you can be. Don’t compromise your values and beliefs for others whos values are not wortg anything. Do not let anyone push you into something you are not comfortable with. Pray about everything!!

Untill my next blog!

Love x    

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