I am sitting infront of my computer with a blank page on my blog and I don’t know what to blog about… Pretty soon I will have something really exciting, but tonight I can’t seem to think of anything to write.

This week has just been so tiring and purely sucked the life out of me. Having to put on a smile when really I feel like I want to run for the hills is just downright unfair. Why is it so acceptable for others to show emotion and to shout at those who hurt them, to tell them straight to their faces that they no longer approve of them and what they do, yet I am not allowed to do so. I must simply “keep my mouth shut”, smile, be friendly, bless those who curse you. For pete’s sake!!! I gotta grow some balls!!!! Oh no wait…. Mine were too big to fit between my legs, so they moved up to my chest… I have to listen to everyones’ sad stories, but who’s gonna listen to mine?

Why are others allowed to say what they feel and not think before they speak??? Why should I??? I guess it’s because I was taught RESPECT!!! Well you know what, I have absolutely NO respect for people who lie about their lives, their beliefs or those who they care about. I have no respect for those who manipulate others emotionally, physically or in any other possible manipulative form. I am so sick of this toxic world. If you manipulate someone in whatever way you are a BULLY!!!

Bullying is wrong!! Wether it is someone you dislike, or if it’s a family member, or if it’s someone on the internet or if you are posting social media messages in an improper way to “attack” someone you are being a bully!! You are a bully, because you didn’t receive the emotional support from those who were supposed to give it to you. You are a bully, because you do not know love, you are a bully, because you have a low selfesteem. NOW DEAL WITH IT!!

STOP wanting what others have and start being what you never got, be love, be peace, be emotionally supportive, be happy with what you have. Stop wanting more expensive materialistic things. Just be yourself. Life is so much more rewarding to those who accept who they are in themselves. Leave other people alone and you know what….. START WITH AN APOLOGY….

those 3 little words ” I AM SORRY ” can change so much, it can mend a heart that has been hurting for a really long time, because of your actions. Then once you have those 3 words out go for: ” I am sorry that I….” and you fill in there whatever you did to hurt that person.

I have been on both sides of the story, I have had to say sorry and I have had to forgive. Mostly I have had to say sorry to myself for allowing people to walk over me and not say a word about it to them, and I have had to forgive myself too…. I have also had to say sorry for hurting someone and I have also had to forgive someone and received forgiveness….


P.S. I guess I figured out what to blog about after all.

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