Show them some love.


I wonder where people get the idea that they are superior to others. Is it money, is it stardom, does the ammount of friends you have or the kind of people you know give you the idea that you are better than someone else? 1st Corinth 13 talks about love and it says even if we speak the tongues of angels, but we do not have LOVE we are NOTHING! Zip, Zero, Nada, NOTHING! ONLY if we have the love of Christ in us, THEN only can we be someone. and even if we have His love we can NEVER boast about ANYTHING, because it is only through His Grace alone that we are what we are.

If it wasn’t for God’s grace and never ending love we will not have what we have, we will not be who we are, because we are centered in HIM. Also, we are not in the position to judge anyone… we can reason about something and give our opinion, but we CAN NOT judge others. Who gives you the right to say that someone is right or wrong, who gives you the right to judge someone else’s life, NO ONE! If you judge someone you are noyhing, because you do not have he love of Christ in you if you judge someone.

How do you get the love of Christ?

Be renewed in your mind and do not be conformed to this world according to Romans. Change the way you think. When you get a negative thought immediately change it to positive. Yes i know, easier said than done, but practise makes perfect. Today as we drove home from our beach holliday the closer we got to our town the more depressed I got. I know there are people here who judge my every move, what I wear, what I eat, how I raise my son, how I go about my everyday life, my facebook status…. They even judge me on who my family is…. WHO CARES!!!!! They do not know love. I immediately had to shift my mindset from this depressed negative thought to something positive. I started thanking God for my healthy happy son, the fact that I have a job, we had the opportunity of going on a blessed holliday, I am happily married!! Immediately the negative turned into positive. The main reason why they gossip about me or judge me is because they are not happy within themselves, because the do not have nor know the love of Christ. Going to church doesn’t make you any more of a Christian than standing in a garage makes you a car…

When we feed on a negative thought we give the enemy a foothold in our life. Don’t ever allow that to happen. Be on guard.

Have the mind of Christ, think like Him, be like Him react to things like Him and most of all… LOVE THOSE WHO HURT YOU!!

Have a blessed week

Love x

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