Oscar Pistorius. What happened?


We all knew him as the wonderboy who embrased his dissabillity and turned it onto his ABILITY. And the question on everybody’s lips since the insident is was it intentional or an accident? Aparently, according to statistics an average of four women are murdered by their husbands. fiance’s or boyfriends everyday! How is it possible!!?? How have we been so blind to all of this?

Coming back to my theme I do not think it was intentional. Merely because in most intentional murders the murderer:

*Tries to clean up the scene.

*He/she disposes of the body.

*He/she shows no sign of remorse.

*He/she tries to shift the blame.

Then you also get those messy scenes:

*He/she phones the police after the crime has been committed.

*He/she hired a hitman.

*He/she makes it look like a robbery or suicide.

I am not a forensic detective nor have I ever worked on crime let alone murder cases. I am just your normal person observing. But I really do not think Oscar did it intentionally. The other night I woke up when my husband got up during the night. I am used to it, that if he gets up during the night he can’t sleep and watches tv. I immediately fell asleep with the thought that he’s going to the livingroom. After some time I woke up from my son crying for his bottle. I got up and as I opened the door my husband said behind me I must just deactivate the alarm system first. I got such a fright!!! I woke up thinking he was still watching tv. I never noticed when he came to bed again!!!  As I got up I couldn’t feel my hubster next to me, so thinking he was in the livingroom I nearly set the alarm off. Based on that alone I can imagine that Oscar thought Reeva was in bed. Here in South Africa we are living in fear that any moment a burglar can come into our homes and do the worst! We are constanly on the lookout for suspicious things, signs, people and we are so paranoid that the slightest sound in the night can set our immaginations alight and we can lose it completely! Yes he did shoot her, BUT not intentionally. That’s just my opinion.

We are really not in the position to judge anyone. No one’s lives are perfect. Only Oscar knows what really happened. I truly hope this turns out the way that it should. We can go and pull his life apart, the fact that he had a love for guns, speed and fun, but does that make him a killer? If you think so then every second guy you come into contact with could be a killer. Most men I know have a thing for a gun, or a fast car, or a good party. But the facts are, Oscar achieved allot more in his life than most of us “normal” people ever did, or ever will… He has never given up on himself and never sat in a corner feeling sorry for himself. He’s a great rolemodel for most people, with or without disabilities.

I hope todays blog has made you think to not judge so quickly. The media has really made such a big thing of this case. Yes it’s a good thing that we can see what it’s really like in court and that it’s nothing like in the movies, but give Oscar the benefit of the doubt. The main reason why this is such a big thing is because he is popular and she was. Same as the O.J Simpson case of those years. Fact is, there are men and women out there killing their partners in much worse ways. We need to love and protect eachother. We need to support eachother, not just judge before we do not know all the facts.

Hope we are all thinking in a new way from now on.




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