The rumours are true, we’re expecting baby #2!

So we are finally here!!! Expecting baby #2 and still it hasn’t quite sunk in yet. After 6 pregnancy tests, of which the last one was positive and the other 5 negative, because this lady was way too eager and tested way too early. Haha! I even sat one night with two thermometers, one in my mouth and one under my arm to see if my BBT (Body Basal Temperature) has risen…. I can just laugh at myself, but I just enjoy pregnancy and everything that goes with it sO much that I was vEry eager. In fact, I knew from the word go that I was expecting our next little miracle, but I obviously needed confirmation.

So I drove my husband crazy with “I know I’m pregnant, but I can’t prove it…”

Just the other night our 22month old quickly looked at me from underneath his legs and I just knew!!! That definitely isn’t an old wives tale, because another small boy did exactly the same to me when I was pregnant with our son! I laughed so much I nearly cried. Anyhoo, I got a very light positive test on Wednesday morning and went straight to the lab to have blood tests done and cried when I got the news. I was sO happy!

I am experiencing fatigue and tender breasts during this week. Slight cramping as my uterus is preparing to stretch and grow and feeling a slight bit queasy today. I just really pray that I won’t get the nausea I had with our son…. Hate every moment of nausea. No cravings yet. Still a bit early, but I do have a tendency to buy fresh fruit to snack on. Something I NEVER did and I have noticed that I am doing the weirdest thing ever, I am getting dressed sideways infront of the mirror!!! What!!??? As if I am expecting to see my bump grow… So now I am avoiding every possible mirror!! Haha!

Our little bud is only the size of a very, very tiny seed this week and still known as a blastocyst. A tiny ball made up of several hundreds of cells. ( You can’t see anything yet on a sonar, but anytime from the 21st day after conception a very tiny heart starts beating. It’s so amazing how we can see God’s hand in everything. Psalm 139 always comes to mind when I think of how amazing God’s Hand is in creating life.

Do you even realize how extremely special you are? You are precious to the Most High God. He rejoices over you!!!

The fatigue tends to get to me during the day and every morning around 2 or 3am I am wide awake. Maybe that’s the time our little bud chooses to grow the fastest? :).

I am overjoyed and I feel so incredibly blessed by my Father, that He has blessed us with this new life.

I can’t wait to get up 10x per night, I can’t wait to breast feed again, I can’t wait to burp this little bud after feeding. Newborn cuddles, baby smell, a big brother hugging and kissing his sibling and fighting for mommy’s attention. I know, some of those things aren’t that fun, BUT I look forward to it. I have been given the chance to raise a second child along with our first and I look forward to every single part of it.

I hope you will enjoy this journey with me. And my prayer for you is that God will bless you even more than He has blessed me.



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