12 weeks! The journey is official*

It’s been 6weeks since my last post and the journey of our precious gift has been made official! Reaching 12weeks now means that chances for a miscarriage has been greatly reduced. Even though it can happen that something could go wrong in a later stage of any pregnancy, reaching 12weeks (the last week of the first trimester) means that you can start to breathe a bit again.

Our little bud has grown and changed so much during the past 6weeks. She/he now has feet, toes, legs, arms, hands, fingers. The eyelids are still fused shut, but the iris’ are developing. The genitals are now formed, but the sex of our little bud can only be detected anytime from 16weeks onwards. :). We had an ultrasound scan done with our 8weeks appointment and we saw a beautiful heartbeat! We are absolutely on cloud nine* Our bud’s ears have formed and are moving more upward to the sides of the head. She/he is inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid “practicing” breathing. Her/his organs are formed and keep growing.

I felt the first signs of fluttering movements during week 9. :). I know, it’s VERY early, but I guess, because it’s our second little one I know what it’s supposed to feel like. I have been feeling the fluttery movements stronger over the past 2 or 3 days which has made me fall in love with this little one even more.

We are going for our 12week appointment tomorrow (3 Nov) and we can hardly wait to see our little one. “She/he measures about 61mm from crown to rump and weighs about 8-14g.” (A. Deans 2007)

Our son is also falling more in love with the idea of having a brother or sister. :). I just hope he won’t be disappointed when he realises that baby can’t do anything at first…. But we are showing him al kinds of babies of all ages and he is really gentle with the little ones. He is going to be the greatest big brother!

My symptoms have not changed much, except the nausea has lifted, to my relief, and the fatigue has also lessened. My breasts have almost doubled in size! (TMI, SORRY!) Haha! My belly has also grown ALLOT! I guess, because it’s our second, my stomach muscles were already stretched from my previous pregnancy with our son, so showing way faster this time around. :). I am loving the baby bump though!

So looking forward to tomorrow’s doctor’s appointment and feeling the relief from reaching the 12 week mark my heart is still with those who are praying and trying for a sweetheart. May the Lord hear your prayer, just like He heard and answered Hannah’s prayer.

I hope you are all enjoying this journey with me!

Love x

P.s. Info on the growth and weight of our baby found in: Dr Anne Deans Your Pregnancy Bible 2007 Carroll & Brown Publishers Limited

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