16weeks along!

Officially in my second trimester. I didn’t even feel this comfortable with pregnancy in my previous pregnancy and with this little one my belly is just growing every day more and more and I couldn’t feel more comfortable! I am loving the preggy belly and loving how my son embraces the whole pregnancy adventure along with us.

So our little bud’s head can officially move from side to side and the neck is now extended, which means that her/his tiny chin is no longer tucked in. The eyes are now facing forward and those kissable ears will also be in place within the next week or so. She/he has more control over her/his muscles and can move around practicing those break dance moves! Those quickening movements that I feel when I sit down after a long day or when I lie in bed and calm down I feel it stronger and the nostalgia around it makes me dream about what our little bud will look like very soon.

The puke train has officially left the station and luckily dropped me off before leaving again! Haha! I guess that’s why I am feeling this comfortable this time around. I have noticed that I still need to avoid some smells and foods. I have officially stopped cold turkey drinking Coca-Cola for almost a week and am seriously proud of myself! I have also been reading up loads about Vbac, all the pro’s and con’s etc etc etc. I am so determined to be a good candidate for this vbac that I am watching my weight with an eagles eye, watching what I eat and how I prepare it and getting lots of excercise. I haven’t gained any weight thus far and am aiming for 10kg’s max. I will not allow my baby to go hungry or be underweight, along with watching my own weight, I am also watching my babies weight, as long as she/he is healthy, I am happy. This Vbac thing is serious and I intend on doing it no matter what. Unless the doctor gives me a medical reason for it to not be possible, like my previous pregnancy, I will be doing a Vbac. I have never been so excited about anything than I am about this birth!! I have prayed for this child, I have prayed and asked for a little girl, (soon to be confirmed) , and most off all I have prayed that this little one will come into this world as God has prepared my body for it. I was made for natural birth and I BELIEVE that it will happen.

I have felt a bit overwhelmed lately too. I realise that the time alone with my baby boy is coming to an end. soon we will not have that much aloone time and I have begun to become really selfish with my time with him. It’s like I only want him for myself, because I realise that soon our time will be very limited. I tear up just thinking about it, how will I be able to love this second darling as much as I love my son? He was my first answered prayer, I prayed that God would bless me with a baby, most of all I prayed that it would be a boy and there he is! As big as Goliath! well, for a 2year old he is pretty big, and smart! That’s why I am so convinced that this little one is a baby girl. I have asked the Lord to bless me with a girl who will be my best friend, something I have longed for all my life. I have seriously close friends, but for some or other reason, there’s always something missing…. So I believe that this a my best friend on her way here inside my belly and I am cherishing every moment.

Anyhoo, so I am feeling awesome, I know our little bud is doing really well and growing at a rediculous pace, only 5months to go and she/he will be safely in my arms.



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