Multi tasking… Not always my best friend!


It’s Christmas time… Again…. Another year has gone by and it seems as if this runaway train is just picking up speed!!

This year hasn’t exactly been one for the books… This year I lost two loved ones. One of which I loved like my own mother. So in a way I don’t want this year to end, but in another way I just want to get it over with. I have also taken up some studies… Theology… Yes, you read correctly. I believe that, that is what God has called me to do for now and He will use me in future for His glory. It is all very overwhelming and I am seeing sides of God and the church that I never knew were possible.

God has shown me things and put things on my heart concerning life as a follower of Jesus and the modern church that has both raised the hairs in my neck and also made me extremely excited to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost. By saying “raising the hairs in my neck” I mean that He has shown me things concerning the modern Christian and modern Church that are completely out of line for His plan for the Church and how it is supposed to operate. Things that are present in churches and peoples lives that should rather not be there… I am probably going to get some “backlash” for this statement, but hey… Paul wasn’t exactly famous for pointing out the right and wrong… 🙂

Have you ever spoken to people, even in a random conversation or in a sermon, about the word of God or about the character of Jesus and as you are speaking to them you just see this veil of fog covering their eyes and minds that they do not hear, let alone pay attention to what you are saying? The enemy is so ready to take the followers of Jesus down, it’s rediculous!!

For a week or two I have been seriously struggling to get myself to physically sit and study God’s word… And I bow my head in shame by saying this, because if God called me to take up studying Him and His word, then why am I struggling so much to get myself to do it? You see, Paul writes in Romans that the good he wants to do, he does not do, but the bad that he does not want to do, that he does… I guess I am in a very similar place, but it is not because my spirit does not want to do anything, it’s a tactic of the enemy to turn my focus away from where God wants it.

My weakness is my mind and my thoughts… I am the kind of person who loves to be alone by myself with my own thoughts. I usually pray in my quiet times, but then I am also so vulnerable when it comes to my thoughts… There’s a constant battle in my mind concerning what God wants me to focus on and the enemy trying to take my focus away from that and for the past two weeks the enemy has managed to win… He touches on those sore areas of having lost loved ones over this year, Christmas not exactly being my favorite time of year and now having deadlines on assessments etc… I can get so angry with myself for allowing the enemy to even start a thought, but I know Christ strengthens me.

The pregnancy is really getting there and in another two weeks I will be halfway there!! Time has really flown and my husband has been really supportive of me working two jobs, being a student, a wife, a mother and a housekeeper. He isn’t always able to help with physical things, but lately he has been giving me some serious thumbs up and that does motivate me allot! Even though at some stage it did feel as if he was emotionally distracted, the past few days I have seen and heard from him that he really does notice my efforts.

Baby is growing beautifully, judging the size of my belly!! haha! We will confirm whether it is a girl (Like mommy asked for) or another beautiful boy who is on the way. We have not made the names (girl/boy) known yet, because I want to keep it a secret until we know who is on their way. 🙂 So there is some excitement in the air concerning finding out Girl or Boy!!

This week brown fat will start to plump out baby and vernix is also starting to form on the skin to protect the skin from the water. The ears and eyes and nose and everything that goes with it should be all in the right places. I have felt some more very light quickening movements from baby, but I am almost certain that tonight I felt a much stronger kick or punch! Yay!!

So with the next few days left before Christmas and new year to rush and get everything done for the festivities I am going to bed now… Hopefully getting a good nights rest in, seeing that, that does not happen very often during pregnancy. LoL!


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