Today has been yet another rat race. Somehow nothing seems to be going right… Oh but what would my life be without chaos?

My whole life it has been about others asking for every single piece of me and I am done… From now on, wait your turn!! Always, as soon as it seems that I can come up for air above circumstances the next thing hits and the next person wants something. I am so tired of all of this… And then, in all the chaos and as I am on the point of screaming “LEAVE ME ALONE!!” I hear the whisper of the Holy Spirit within me, “Calm down child, you know Who rules your life.”

Today has just been one of those extra suffocating days that I feel I could just rather go and lie on my bed and sleep it off… It might not be such a bad idea… I am tired of everyone always wanting something… How am I supposed to spoil my kids if I have nothing left!!??

What are your techniques for breathing and trying to relax your mind and calm your spirit?

I saw this picture on Facebook that someone shared and it made me think, “What am I after”? What am I chasing, or what is chasing me? It’s time to give up the fight and move on. Think calm, think relax, think #Breathe.

Till next time!


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