My dream job.

As a little girl I was always very intrigued with hollywood and acting. It all came across so glamorous and I  often built my dream castles where I would walk the red carpet, cameras flashing and people shouting my name, begging for my autograph. I was a real drama queen, still am in a way… 🙂 And even though I know that I would’ve been able to be a really good actress, I do act allot in real life to hide things that hurt me. 😉 I can sing and I can dance too, but I guess I just never had the guts to go for it.

Even in high school I chose my subjects in such a way that I would’ve been able to study drama after school, but my parents weren’t able to finance it… yes, there were allot of ways I could’ve made it happen on my own, but I was too afraid of people. I had allot of rejection issues and was just too afraid of being rejected…

So I chose to go to beauty school. I love working with people and I would think that I am pretty good at my job too. But… It’s not my dream job… I probably, no, I definitely will not be doing it for the rest of my life, because I have come to know myself over the years pretty well, and even if I took the chance on acting, I wouldn’t have been very happy either.

You see, I am a really good listener and I can assess a persons’ personality and character within minutes of talking with them. As I said, I love people and I love working with them. I am also always willing to listen and help when it comes to matters of the heart and having a relationship with God.

So, I heard the call of God on my life around July 2014, and started my BTH Theology studies in August 2014. Knowing that God wanted me to do it, but not knowing in which area He would need me I still answered His call and stepped out in faith. So about two months ago it all became clear through the scriptures that He showed me and revealing my spiritual gifts, I realised that becoming a pastoral phsychologist would be the most wonderful job I could ever dream of!!

So I will be doing my Phsycology studies as well as soon as I finish my Theology studies. I love speaking to people and motivating them, I am well equipped with a discernment spirit and very sensitive to the Holy Spirit too.

I am excited about the road that God is taking me on and revealing His calling on my life. I am nervous about the next 6 or 7 years of studies lying ahead, but I know that through Christ I can do all things, for He strengthens me!

Dream job, here I come!!

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