Finding joy in housekeeping

Proverbs 31

Hi there

I have recently started doing my own housekeeping. A few months ago I asked God to make me a virtuous woman. You know, that one from Proverbs 31… The one that I envy, because she does so much and it seems like she NEVER gets tired. Well… putting her in to real time and assessing her doings and tasks I am 100% sure that she would easily get tired, BUT! I noticed that she serves the Lord, which automatically connects her with His Spirit and when we have His Spirit inside us we do not grow tired.

(Proverbs 31:30b) But a woman who fears the Lord [reverently worshiping, obeying, serving, and trusting Him with awe-filled respect], she shall be praised. – Amplified Bible

I always had the excuse of working full day, raising my kids and caring for my husband to avoid having to do my own housekeeping. I would much rather have paid someone to do it for me…. I admit it, I was lazy. As lazy as a woman can be. Not very virtuous of me hey? I am not saying that women who work hard and raise their kids on their own or alone are lazy… I am saying I WAS LAZY. I used a bunch of excuses until a while back. My house was disorganized, I was irritated that my lady who cleans my house didn’t do it the way I wanted and then it hit me! If you want something done properly or the way you want it, then do it yourself.

So I started searching.

Being a “Pinterest mom” and believing that Pinterest gives me better answers than Google… (Hiehie 😉 ) I started searching for housekeeping tips and schedules. I found one that best suits me and my busy schedule and started. It’s now been a week or two and I can not describe the amount of satisfaction I am getting from cleaning my own house!!! Seriously, there can’t be anything more satisfying than walking into your house on clean floors and knowing that YOU were the one who washed it. I am obviously now very strict on how many cups and plates are used…. If you use a glass for water, rinse it, if you drink coldrink out of a glass and want more, use the same glass, etc. The great thing about it all is that I asked God to awaken the desire to care for my house and family like the Proverbs 31 woman and He has!

The joy I have found in housekeeping is indescribable.Yes I work full day, 8-5, then care for the kiddos and make dinner, attend to my husband and chat about our day. after everyone has gone to bed I start with my “chores for the day”.

I am in no way MORE tired than I used to be. On the contrary, I am happier and a bit more relaxed.

Just try it for a few days for yourself. I can guarantee that you too will enjoy being a virtuous woman.



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