The testimony of our marriage.

Hello there, I have spoken to quite a few people recently and because of Facebook and me refusing to post negative things or photo's that could reflect bad vibes onto our family and our marriage... most of those I spoke to had the impression that we had the perfect life and marriage. OK, first... I … Lees verder The testimony of our marriage.


Feeling Trendy.

Hello, Have you ever followed a new trend? Did things because other people were doing them? I have... Not recently (like in the past five years) though. I see allot of parents following trends with their kids. Getting the latest fashion clothes and things and gears for them all because everyone has it and they … Lees verder Feeling Trendy.


Hello, What is it about the color yellow that makes people so happy? I do not wear yellow clothing, but gold accessories I do approve of. The Psychologists say that if you want to feel "happy" the color yellow is the perfect one. Yellow could also make you hungry. That's why they say it's the … Lees verder Yellow.