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What is it about the color yellow that makes people so happy? I do not wear yellow clothing, but gold accessories I do approve of. The Psychologists say that if you want to feel “happy” the color yellow is the perfect one. Yellow could also make you hungry. That’s why they say it’s the perfect color for your kitchen. I don’t know about you, but every time I see my fridge I get hungry…. It’s not yellow…. Could paint it yellow tho…. now wouldn’t that be Dandelion like. 😉


Seeing that my word for the year is “Mudita” and it has to do with “Happiness”, I thought it would be a superb idea to make my color of the year, yellow. Clever hey!?

But, Yellow also has other meanings for me. It first of all reminds me of a tree we had in my godmother’s yard when I grew up. It had the same blossoms as in this picture I added. (Found the pic on under the word “yellow” search.) I have very fond memories of growing up there.

Yellow also reminds me of egg yolks. My dad who raised me loves eating steak, eggs and chips (fries). If you want to treat him, you should give him that for breakfast, lunch and dinner. LOL! I am very fond of him and have a really good relationship with him. Something I wouldn’t trade for any amount of money in the world!!

When I choose a color for the year I choose it with the following in mind:

Is it easy to find?

Can I wear it either as clothing or an accessory?

Can I eat it, smell it, feel it?

How does it sound when I say it?

What does it resemble?

Does it remind me of good things?

Yellow is also the symbol of friendship. In my 3rd school year at De Tijger Primary in Tygerberg (Cape Town) a boy with the name “Christie” gave me a yellow rose. I knew he liked me. I was mean to him and threw the rose in the bin. I do not know why I did that. Maybe, because my parents just got divorced and I “hated” men? I don’t know, I wish I could apologize to him. I am sure he felt really sad that day…. If I could rebuild that friendship I would.

I want to make a whole bunch of new friends this year! Whether online or in person, both are equally great if it is based on trust and honesty.

What is your color for the year?


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