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Have you ever followed a new trend? Did things because other people were doing them? I have… Not recently (like in the past five years) though. I see allot of parents following trends with their kids. Getting the latest fashion clothes and things and gears for them all because everyone has it and they don’t want their kids to feel left out.

If you don’t want to read my opinion on it, don’t read further….

Here’s my take on all this trend following. When I was  a little girl, I also wanted the latest and greatest trendy things. In grade.6. Black Jack pants were the in thing. We couldn’t afford it, so I settled for something cheaper and similar. But… I wanted those baggy pants because everyone had them and I felt left out. Coming from a broken home, my self esteem was not quite up there where it was supposed to be. I thought that if I looked the part, everyone would accept me. But who would want to have fun with a “copy”?

The greatest lesson I could have ever learned was to just be myself. It’s such a pity that I only discovered it after school… Imagine what I could have accomplished!!?? But now? Now I will do so much more!

I will not support my children in following trends. Yes, I look for ideas on the internet, and I look at fashion and trends, BUT then I decide what I like because I like it for myself. Not because it’s trendy… If my children came to me asking for the latest trendy shirt, they have to want it because they like it for themselves, not to impress others. When I allow my kids to follow trends because “everyone is doing it” I am stripping them of their individuality. Why on earth would I want to do that? Why would my child want to fit in when he or she was born to stand out?!

God teaches us in His word: “Do not be conformed to this world, but in everything be renewed in your mind.”

I don’t want my children to fit into a hopeless, tired and sorrow filled world. Those trends that you are following… surely someone at some stage thought it was a cool idea and convinced someone else of it and they convinced some more people, etc…. Why not be the leader? Why would you follow when you can lead?

I want my children to be the light to this dark world. When they read their Bible and others are asking them why, I want them to say “Because it’s cool to have a relationship with God.” If everyone wears pink and my kids wear blue, I want them to do it because they prefer blue over pink and are not afraid to say it.

I hope that you will think more carefully before helping your child follow the latest trends… What are you teaching them?


Happiness xx


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