Be a fruitloop.

I don’t know about you, but I love the series The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s a sad story about women being oppressed and abused by men. But the thing that facinates me about this program is that there are women in this story who are being oppressed and abused, but are still able to keep their identity and dignity. They are fruitloops in a bowl of cheerios. 

All my life I have been a bit on the different side. I never swim with the current, I am always swimming against it. I never stick or sometimes even wear whatever is in fashion. I don’t do things the way others do it. It’s not that I am a rebel, because I’ve never done things because I don’t agree with something. It’s just that I have never felt the need to fit in with the crowd. And eventhough at some point in my life I felt that I wasn’t fitting in anywhere, it still wasn’t as big of an issue to me. I don’t even feel like I fit into the family I was born into… I have always just been different and described as weird and that’s ok with me. 

I have reached a stage in my life where I am completely happy with not fitting in. I am happy with just being me. I know that by being my true self and true to myself I inspire others to be themselves too. Why fit in when you were born to stand out? Why be average when God’s plan for your life and what He wants to do through you is so much bigger than just average? 

This past year I have seen how much more fulfilling life is when you do exactly what God wants you to do. Being a fruitloop in a bowl of cheerios is definitely not easy. It’s difficult and you climb high mountains of judgement and rejection, but Christ was rejected for us so that we may be accepted. How wonderful is His love for us? 

So if you are a fruitloop, stick to that. Stick to your truth and what you believe. Live life to the fullest. Be yourself. Be who you want to become. Don’t compromise your values so that you can fit in. But also, don’t judge people if they prefer to fit in. Be yourself. Be an example in word and deed and the rest will follow. 


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