Every year we celebrate the new year beginning. Every year on December 31st we think that when the clock strikes 00:00 everything about us and our environment will change miraculously. Either that or we think that the new year will change us. In some sense the last mentioned is true. The new year can change us, but only if we are willing to put in the effort. Only if we make the decision to change.

We have a full year with 365 days, now only 356 days left, ahead of us. What we do during those days will define us and will change us. In some ways better than others. What if we celebrated every day? No, not a party everyday. Haha! What if we started every day with the thought that it is a new day filled with new opportunities and possibilities. What would you do?

I celebrate every day by getting up early. Thanking God for the new day added to our lives. Grateful for all that we have. Nothing in this life is simply given to us. We work hard for what we want or want to achieve and then we recieve it by Grace alone.

What if we decided to celebrate everything we have through living with an attitude of gratitude? Living with an attitude of gratitude will mean that we take nothing for granted. We acknowledge that we could have had less and everything we have has been given by Grace.

My life motto is: “An attitude of gratitude brings a lifetime of happiness.”

You will never be unhappy in your life if you live with an attitude of gratitude. No matter what your circumstances might look like, if you can find something to be grateful for, you will never be unhappy.

So I want to challenge you again this year. Get yourself a small note book or an A4 size, it doesn’t matter. Cover it with a collage of pictures that you like. Things such as your hobby, your goals, pictures of your family. Whatever inspires you and inside write the date every day and under the date write at least three things that you are grateful for. When you do this, you will start to see a change in your attitude toward yourself, your family, your circumstances, other people, your life and life over all.

Make this year a year of gratitude and see how things start looking up for you.


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