Writing away the hurt.

I have recently had a lot of people ask me why they should write down their feelings or even keep a journal.

My answer is simple: You write away the hurt and energy. Whether it is positive or negative, you are putting your feelings out there and that helps.

It has been proven that writing in a diary before you go to sleep at night, helps you sleep better. The same happens when you write your morning thoughts down in the morning. Your day seems to go smoother.

It’s because you are releasing those feelings, making your heart a little lighter.

Before writing my book: Karoo Vryheid, I had so many issues and bottled up hurt. Even though the story is not my life story, there are parts in where the questions I had about myself and life were answered. Some of the conflicts in my book are mirror images of the conflicts I had with myself. Putting it all on paper was part of my own personal healing journey and it helped me realize I actually love writing and telling stories.

I know… I have been very scarce on here, but you know how life is. You can have everything in life, just not at the same time.

I will definitely urge everyone to keep a journal in your bedside table or on your phone where you can simply write all your thoughts and feelings down.

In the 90’s we had diaries that no one was allowed to read. Nowadays we have Facebook and blogs and get offended when no one reads it… Some things are better left off the internet.

Here are a few pointers to write that will help you write away your hurt.

* What happened?

* What are you feeling?

* Who were involved?

* When did you feel triggered?

* What were the results?

* How do you think the situation could have been solved better?

* Why is it hard for you to let go?

I truly hope this will help you. Remember, no one needs to read your journal. It’s between you and God and when you are over the situation, tear out the page and burn it. 😉


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