Nursing to bed.

It’s been a week…

It’s been a challenging week.

For a family who never gets sick, we’ve had a tough sick week. First the hubster came down with coughing and a fever. I’m not really a born nurse… Take an aspirin and get over it is the way I usually go. 😂 You know, men are well known for their man flu… Day 3 I could see he is really sick so I sent him to the Doc. He took a shot! That means he’s really sick… So in bed he went. I nursed him. Gave his food in bed. Checked he took his meds etc.

Then my girl came down with a fever… I am way more understanding with my kids when they get sick. I cuddle them, give meds, get up 50x a night, etc.

As soon as she got better my son was man down. Oh my soul I thought. This thing better not hit me, because if it does this house might just fall apart. You know, us women keep everything together so if we are down with the flu everything stops working.

Anyhoo, it hit me too! Over the weekend I felt yucky, but by yesterday I felt better. This morning when I woke up EVERYONE is healthy and I am man down. Teary eyed, feeling sorry for myself and so I stayed in bed.

Took a shower later the afternoon, blowdried my hair and nearly fainted. I put makeup on every single day. Even if it’s just mascara and lipstick. But not today. I waltzed into the Dr’s office with NO make-up and my slippers. Can’t believe I drove myself there.

So now I am on bedrest to get better.

Hopefully I’ll be better by Thursday, because we’re leaving for a break away on Friday.

I should use this down time to get some writing in.

Hope you are not down with the flu and if you are, get well soon!


16 thoughts on “Nursing to bed.

  1. Una sê:

    Aaaah, Sonell, hoe jammer kry ek julle, veral jou, nou! Dis ń aaklige griep. My middel dogter en haar twee asjasse het vanmiddag by ons ingeklok. ‘Ma, ek is SO siek, ma moet nou na ons kyk.’

    • sonell sê:

      Dankie! En hoe! My man weet nie eens hoe die wasmasjien of skottelgoed wasser werk nie. My ma het vinnig my wasgoed deur haar wasmasjien gegooi en my skottelgoed gewas toe ek Dr toe is. Dankie vir ma’s!

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