All good things…

It’s been a good couple of days. We went on a lovely vacay to the sea. Ballito to be precise.

Ballito is a beach town on the Northern coast of South Africa. We have been going there for the past 10 years. Every year we’ve gone we saw new developments and exciting things. The first time we went there was a basic shopping center and smaller shops in the town. Now there is a pretty big mall, the population has grown tremendously, there are more things to do, but the vibe stayed the same. Calm, relaxed and a good ol’ holliday feel.

This was probably our last holiday in Ballito for a long time. Hopefully our next beach holiday will be in Hawaii! 😄

All we did this week was forget about anything that we are worried about. We decided to just relax. Do as little as possible. We had no routine. We had nothing rushing us and the kids loved it. We went to an animal farm for rehabilitated animal, visited Ushaka Marine World and spent hours on the beach and in the pool.

On our way there we did a halfway stop at the Wimpy at Harrismith.
We love the sea
Valentines day dinner
Visiting the KZN Sharks Board
We celebrated my birthday by going to the movies.
When you find a happy birthday balloon on your birthday you take a picture!
One with the ovean at Ishaka Marine World
I wrote our names in the sand. The people might walk over it. The water wash it away, but we will always keep Ballito close to our hearts.
I wrote a promise God gave us for our exodus, we know it will come to pass in His timing. While we wait we will serve Him.
Saying goodbye to the sea.

And now as we drive home the lump in my throat chokes me a bit. The strings of my heart quivers a little. I wiped away a secret tear. My tummy is in a bit of a knot. Our home has been sold. We have no new news on the progress of our coming exodus. There are a lot of things that need to be sold. We need to find a home to rent and in the meantime we stay faithful. Praying that we will soon have some progress on our paperwork.

This was an amazing holiday. One that we will never forget. Now we are moving forward, praying, trusting, hoping.


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