My children are not an inconvenience.

Hello all,

(DISCLAIMER) What I am writing below is absolutely not in any way aimed at any of my children’s teachers. They both have the best of the best and most loving teachers anyone could have asked for.

However… I have noticed how some teachers have reacted to this whole forced break from school etc and I believe that what I write here below sums up quite a lot of how 90% of moms feel. Working OR stay at home, there’s no difference when it comes to our children. I just need teachers who have made cunning remarks toward parents concerning this forced break to hear me out.

I am a wife, mother of two kids, business owner & inspirational content creator on social media.

As a working mom, wife and individual I am appreciative of this extra time that I can spend with my children. My children are not a burden, this forced break is not an inconvenience to me because I now have my children with me 24/7…

This forced break is a gift.

It’s a gift of time with my children. I now have the chance to make them part of my day. I have the chance for them to see me doing Bible study. I have the chance to cuddle on the couch and watch a movie with them. I have the chance to make a mess and clean it up with them. We can do all day PJ’s if we want. We can sleep all we want. We can play outside. We can laugh and giggle and sing. I have the chance to make them part of daily house chores by teaching them in detail.

This forced break is an inconvenience to my small business… It does rob me financially, but money can not buy what I have been gifted now.

Yes, I appreciate teachers, I acknowledge that all teachers are born with the calling of caring for other’s kids and educating them in ways I am not capable, but please do not say things like I will appreciate you more after this forced break. I love all teachers, I honor your position, but I love having my children at home. They are not an inconvenience to me. I wanted both of them long before they were born. (Probably long before you were born too. 😅)

It’s not always easy being a mom. Some days are really difficult and I think of my life before my kids, but I don’t miss life before my children. I raise my own kids. I have people I can depend on, but very rarely ask for help, not because I am super mom, but because I know how quickly time goes by and how fast they grow up. So I don’t dump them on someone else, my husband and I actually raise them ourselves. They are ALWAYS with me, most of the time even at my job after school…

I love my children. I wish I had the skills to educate them the way you do, but I need you and I appreciate you, but this forced break is more valuable to me than any school performance.

Thank you for loving my child. But please, the next time you feel like ‘internet shaming’ parents, because they are now on forced time with their children think twice. Believe me when I tell you that there are parents out there who actually ache for this time with their children, but they need to go to work otherwise they could lose everything… but now they are losing time with their children that they want so bad, but can’t have even though chaos is spinning around them. Can you imagine what that might feel like?

Today I want you to appreciate your ‘New year gifts’ and your ‘thank you’ gifts more. Those gifts come from parents who actually dO appreciate you and all you do for their children. A simple bought chocolate might seem insignificant to you, but it comes from a mom OR dad who didn’t have the time to choose something special, or the handmade gift, that comes from a parent OR even the child who took time to make it for you, pouring all their gratitude into that gift for you…

And maybe you know a child whose parent(s) don’t have it all good. Maybe you know a child whose only safe place was the school. Maybe you know a child whose only breakfast, lunch or dinner was the lunch box donation he/she got from school. If you know of such a child with any of the above mentioned challenges, please stop by their house and check on them. Drop a food parcel. Say a quick hello. Tell the child to message you a “password” when things at home get rough.

And also, appreciate this forced break you have been gifted with. If you don’t have children yet, stretch your legs. Binge watch tv shows. Take up a hobby. Study the Bible! Read a Bible plan. Go into the garden and smell the cool Autumn breeze. Appreciate this time you have also been gifted.

My children’s teachers regret this time they are not able to spend with our children. They don’t live for high days and holidays. They live to educate my children and to love them as their own. They wish they could spend more time with them.

Please think twice before you shame parents by “joking” about them having to spend time with their own children during this forced break. You will be surprised at how valuable this gift of time has been to us thus far.



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