Die strop om ons nekke. / The noose around our throats.

Vandag wil ek met julle my misnoë en moedeloosheid teenoor die in ons munisipale sitplekke deel. Ons is vandag 95 dae ingegrendel. Ons is voorgesê wat ons mag doen en wat nie. Waar ons mag en waar ons nie mag gaan nie. Wanneer ons buite mag beweeg en wanneer nie. Wat ons mag drink en … Lees meer Die strop om ons nekke. / The noose around our throats.

I almost got mugged today.

Today was a day just like any other day. Igot up, got ready for the day, went for a brisk walk, and went about my to do list. ✔️Boxes for moving ✔️Went to the bank ✔️Groceries The kids stayed home with Busi. A while after getting home I decided to take Tjoeks to get her … Lees meer I almost got mugged today.

Eleven years.

I noticed this photo on our wall again today. This was eleven years ago. We were so in love. Blind to each other's faults. We just saw the beauty we both brought to the table. It was Winter 2019. I remember my godmother's words like it was yesterday. I told her I have a boyfriend … Lees meer Eleven years.