Eleven years.

I noticed this photo on our wall again today. This was eleven years ago. We were so in love. Blind to each other’s faults. We just saw the beauty we both brought to the table. It was Winter 2019.

I remember my godmother’s words like it was yesterday. I told her I have a boyfriend and we’re going steady. She said: “He’ll have to pee through a stone first before he gets to marry you.” Well… Long story short, she loved him as if he was her own son from the day they met.

Even though there were many people convinced I was only a good time and a rebound for him, we were serious from the start. On our first date I spilled the beans. Told him my whole pedigree. I wanted to settle down and build a family. (Sheesh! I was only 22!) Well, I figured if that doesn’t scare him off, he’s the one I’ll get married to. Guess he wasn’t scared. 😅

Every year during Winter I remember this time. It’s like a Summer love, ours got made in Winter. That was probably the last real Winter I felt cold here in our town. (Besides this current one 🥶) Either he would visit me or I would visit him and then we’d end up driving home at 1am in the freezing cold! 😂 All the red wine we had during that time.

“Text me when you get home.” Our words of love before we had to go home after each visit. 🥰

Now eleven years later we still love our Winter together. Our conversations contain zero red wine, but deeper things. He’s a dad, I’m a mom. I’m not as skinny as I used to be, but let’s face it, neither is he. 😂😂

We’ve grown up and we know what we want in life and in our marriage. We go on big and small adventures. We love the outdoors and road trips. He knows my funny crazy and he knows my “mom’s losing it again” crazy. He knows what disappoints me and he knows what makes me proud.

I so desperately wanted to have a vow renewal wedding for our ten year marriage anniversary, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. 😞 Maybe at 21 years. 😉

When we play, we play hard. When we fight we don’t spare feelings.

But what’s our secret?

We have accepted each other’s shortcomings and love still is enough for us. If we had to live in a tiny house with very little things, we’d be ok with that, because as long as we have each other and our kids we are the happiest people alive.

I hope you find this type of love too.



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