I almost got mugged today.

Today was a day just like any other day. Igot up, got ready for the day, went for a brisk walk, and went about my to do list.

✔️Boxes for moving

✔️Went to the bank


The kids stayed home with Busi.

A while after getting home I decided to take Tjoeks to get her a signet ring with the money she got for her birthday. We had fun choosing out the right one for her.

Thereafter we went to clicks to get a water bottle for me. It’s time I get some proper hydration in this body.

Walking out of Clicks I had Tjoeks on my right hand, holding tightly. This is South Africa. You only take your kids to town with you if you really have to. You don’t carry a handbag either… We average on 142 robberies per day…

Well… Silly me didn’t ask for a bag for my huge water bottle. So I had the water bottle and my wallet in one hand. Realizing my mistake I clung to my wallet under my arm, bottle in hand.

Thankfully I am a person who is naturally very aware of my surroundings and walking out of Clicks I saw 4 Tsotsi’s (thieves) in front of me.

(Here in South Africa we can spot thieves almost immediately.) 😉

So I walked faster with Tjoeks on hand and one of them came after us. He was really close when I ducked into a shop. The security guard at the door still wanted to sanitize me when I out of breath explained from under my mask that a Tsotsi wanted to rob me. She spotted him and asked “That guy?” So clearly he’s done it before… He walked straight past us again as if nothing happened. I stayed calm so that my 5yr old daughter wouldn’t get a fright.

The guard asked me where I was parked and she watched us until we were in the car. The Tsotsi’s also watched us walk…

Gosh, today was a bit of a scare. I guess from now on there is no two ways about it. Only carrying my car key and card with me.

I am grateful nothing happened and that God kept us safe. 🙏🏻



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