En die winde waai. / And the wind blows.

Vandag waai die wind erg. Vandag is my verlange ook erg. Dit is op sulke winderige wintersdae wat ek ekstra verlang. Die afgelope week is daar al so verlange wat aan my hartsnare trek, maar ek ignoreer dit. Bêre dit in 'n boksie waar ek dit nie hoef te face nie. Maar vandag... Vandag is … Lees meer En die winde waai. / And the wind blows.

Will you leave everything and go?

Hello friends, Looking at this peace of scripture I wonder what it must've been like to hear Jesus say these words. It doesn't say these disciples questioned Him or told Him off or anything. They simply dropped their nets and left everything behind to follow Jesus. Will you be willing to do so? Will you … Lees meer Will you leave everything and go?

He was human.

Hello friends, Have you ever stopped and thought about the life of Jesus? You know, Jesus existed before everything else existed. Jesus existed before the creation of the earth and mankind. Jesus was present when our Father created earth and every living being. Jesus saw the fall of man! Jesus gave up His divinity to … Lees meer He was human.

Jesus saves

You know, I remember as a little girl how my Grandmother taught me of the power that was in the name of Jesus. Just mentioning His name brings life and healing. This whole week this phrase has been stuck in my mind: Jesus is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE. No one goes to … Lees meer Jesus saves