Covies day 1.

This is only half of it…

Yes… we have it too now… This morning when the hubster told me he received the news the first thought that went through my mind was: “We were so careful.”

These past few weeks has been filled with losses. Friends we knew who passed away due to this dreaded bug… even yesterday…

So our first day went well. We have very mild to low symptoms. The hubster can’t smell and I only have a stuffy nose. Last week we both had a bad headache, but we also had serious stress so we never thought it to be anything else, but yesterday when the hubster lost his sense of smell we decided to go and have the tests done.

The kids are totally fine. Nothing wrong with them thankfully 🙌🏻

We feel that this is a blessing in disguise for the specific time we are facing in our lives and we get to rest during the storm.

We feel grateful that we have it so lightly and that God is truly keeping us in the palm of His own hand. Protecting us and healing is as I write this.

PLEASE! If you even have mild flu or cold like symptoms go and get tested‼️‼️ You might have it very lightly, but you could infect someone who could die from it… Please be careful. Stay home as much as possible.


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