Covies day 4.

This past week has truly been a blessing in disguise for our family. Yes, this bug can kill anyone at any moment and it has, but in hindsight for our family, God used this to bring us closer together.

This week would have been extremely stressful for us, but God turned it around and gave us extra time. We are so grateful towards Him for it.

The hubster is free to go outside again tomorrow. It’ll be day 10 from the first day he started feeling sick so he’s got plans for tomorrow. Lol! The kids and I still need to stay inside until Wednesday, so we’ll be good and stay and place our orders when the hubster goes out. 😅

We are all feeling tip top again and as if we were never sick. Thank You Jesus and thank you to everyone who prayed for us during this time. 🙏🏻

It’s in times like these that you truly get to know who is willing to help you and truly cares about your well-being. I’m not saying this to attack people, I’m saying this because these types of situations teach is who we want to be surrounded by and who will bring meaning into our lives.

So I hope that if you fall into a situation where you will need support that you will also see those who truly support you and make only them part of your inner circle. That way you will be able to direct your energy to those who will appreciate your love and support too.

So today was a solid thinking cap day and we ended it off with some good old marshmallow roasting. 🤗


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