Week 1 done.

Today 1 week ago the hubster left for the USA. The children and I have been crying every day since then. We miss him terribly, but today we all feel a bit better.

This morning and afternoon (our time) we had a good chat and it fills my heart with peace to see how much he enjoys his new job and all the new things he’s learning. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him enjoy something as much as this. We are so immensely proud of him and even though we miss him we know that this is all part of God’s plan for us and for our future.

So it has been a busy week of finding our feet and routine and getting used to our temporary new normal.

The kids take turns to sleep next to me every night, so I don’t get much sleep, because I either have a hand in my face or a foot in my back. Haha! But it comforts them so it’s ok.

We have a new tradition too. Every Friday is movie night from now on and we camp out in the living room and have snacks.

This is new to us all, but we are taking it one day at a time. One step at a time. Every day is another day closer to us all being together again under one roof. 🙏🏻


20 thoughts on “Week 1 done.

  1. Dr Christa van Staden sê:

    Ag Sonelle, ek wil nie die hou van knoppie klik nie. Baie sterkte, ek weet hoe dit voel om van manlief geskei te wees. Myne het in Iran gaan werk vir maand en half, dit was baie erg vir my. alleen in die huis, alleen in die bed. Die kids en hulle dinge behoort jou goed besig te hou. Geniet die alleen tyd saam met hulle. Bid vir julle.

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