Week 2 done.

So… Today today it’s been two weeks since the hubster left for the USA.

He is doing absolutely great and adjusting so well. They’ve been working long hours, but I think it’s about time he works in the line he enjoys and loves. As a young girl I said I would never marry a farmer… well, God obviously had a different plan for me and got me married to a farmer with a twist! 😅😅😅 He also changed my heart and I can’t imagine anything better than living in the peace and quiet of a farm. Soon 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

The kids are doing really well. They are both back in their beds every night and the tears seem to have dried up. ….. On their side…… 🙂

My parents both tested positive for C*19 and because we are in close contact with them on a daily basis we also have to isolate. A good thing though, because I cried myself into a cold the other day. 🤦🏼‍♀️ It was a long day, the hubster didn’t have any phone signal where they were combining and couldn’t contact me for over 24hrs… I know… you’re probably laughing, because you’ve probably had it mUch worse, but because I am so used to hearing his voice more than twice a day I got a bit over emotional. But… I am his wife and I’m allowed to cry for my hubster. There’d be a problem if I didn’t…

There’s so much to get used to still, but we seem to have the time difference figured out now. 😅 I can tell you one thing… My days are super boring, because I know he’s sleeping where he is and I’m awake where I am… I almost want to say that I live for every text or video call from him. Like the days when we were still dating. 😄

It’s going really well with the diet and exercising, except I’m not exercising much at home… but I’m still eating my healthy food made by my friend who is also my trainer and I am FOCUSSED to drop the 28kg’s. So when the hubster sees me again (in full length 😂) he will be impressed.

The kids started with guitar lessons this week too and they practice every day. They enjoy it and I believe this will also help them stay calm with dad so far away.

At the moment we are not where we want to be yet, but I still remember the days when we prayed for what we have now. It’s simply a season in our lives where God is preparing us for what He has prepared for us.


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