It’s only a season, not permanent.

I remember being a little girl in my godmother’s house. I remember being a 7yr old in my mother’s house. I remember living in Parow as a Grade 1 girl walking home from school, picking up 20c and buying 2 black nickerballs with it at the pharmacy.

Then I remember our move to Pretoria. Staying with my biological father’s biological mother for a time. I remember moving to a flat in Voortrekker weg. I remember our trip down to Parow again when my parents got divorced.

I remember living with my aunt and uncle for a while after and then with my grandparents and then mum got her own flat. I thought that was where we would spend the rest of our lives. Nay-nay. Mum remarried and I remember the big move again to Standerton.

I remember studying and beauty school. All the craziness of work and student life. Moving back home. Moving to Cape Town on my own and the craziness there.

I remember moving back home and thinking I will live in Standerton for the rest of my life. Nay-nay. God gave me a wonderful hardworking husband and right now I’m solo-parenting while he’s working abroad.

What I’m saying is that everything and every place we find ourselves in is simply a chapter in the story of our lives and we should trust God that He will work everything for our good.


10 thoughts on “It’s only a season, not permanent.

  1. Positief sê:

    Wanneer mense dinge sê soos “This too shall pass”, het ek nog altyd effens gefrons. Maar hoe ouer mens word, hoe meer besef jy dat dit die waarheid is. Dit maak nie die hoofstuk slegter of beter nie, laat ons net met bietjie hoop

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