Week 3 done.

Photo by WhyPink Creations

It’s been 3 weeks today. This past week has been the longest and the kids were a little much. Not naughty, they just ask for my attention the whole time.

Having a conversation is difficult, because the kids keep interrupting. Going to the loo alone is non-existent, because the kids keep barging in as soon as I sit down. I can’t take them to the store with me, because I will pay over R300 for just a bread and some clean water, because the kids want a sweetie or coldrink AND a packet of chips… and, and, and. I don’t mind giving them all the attention they crave or even all the sweeties they want. I love our kids to bits, but I’m a tad emotionally drained after this past week.

My tears have become less and we’re adapting to our temporary normal. It doesn’t mean I miss the hubster less, I miss him more! But I realized today that I’m starting to cope. I’m taking care of myself more too. Bubble baths. Weightloss journey. Writing my book. Having my nails done. I’m doing things that I enjoy and that helps me cope.

We video at least twice a day and text inbetween regularly when we are both awake. It helps.

The kids are doing really well. They have adapted and they’ve proven to us that they are resilient and that just proves to me, someday when our lives change completely again, they will adapt quickly.

I guess solo-parenting has its ups and downs, but I’ve learned that sticking to their routine and having a spoil night (like movie night) once a week is helping a lot.

We are doing well and I am immensely proud of my husband for working so hard for our future. He has gained a lot of confidence and I am ever grateful to our support circle abroad who are so good to him and helping him so much. It means the world to us. Thank you. ♥️


3 thoughts on “Week 3 done.

  1. Dr Christa van Staden sê:

    Sterkte, dit gaan beter word. Ek het jaar en half apart van my man gebly dat seun hoërskool kon klaarmaak. Darem net vier ure geskei, maar dit word beter. Oppas net om nie te onafhanklik te raak nie. Dan sukkel mens as manlief weer beheer neem as julle saam blyn☺️

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