What I have learned this past week.

Hellooooo straaaanger!!

Well… Actually I’ve been the stranger… We have been going through such an overwhelming time and I think that we never expected this season of our lives to be like this. I think there are things in life that we always romanticize in our minds, but when you actually go through it, it becomes a whole different story… All I’m saying about this season in our lives is that there is nothing that will strengthen your faith and prune your character as a waiting season… But I am grateful for every test and trial, I count it all joy, because the Lord has disciplined us in such a way to completely rely on Him and we have built up endurance from it all. I am in no manner perfect after this, but I am a whole lot better than I was. 😊 All glory to God for that!!

So it’s been a busy and productive week. There’s nothing like financial stress and loadshedding to get you off your buttocks and start doing things. This week I learned the following:

I learned that I have the ability to bake some pretty delicious ginger cookies.
I learned that I actually too can make delicious curried beans with about a quarter of the original recipe’s ingredients!
I learned that I can bake bread rolls from scratch.
And today I learned how to fix our leaking washing machine!!
I found a 5 year old Spiderman underpants from our son inside the washing machine when I opened the back of the machine.
But the washing machine wasn’t leaking from the underpants… The actual problem was this tiny bullet from our son’s .22 gun that he had in one of his pockets that caused the filter on the side to not close properly.

All in a weeks’ work!!

Hope to talk to you again soon!!



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