Jet setter status.

At last! We get on the plane and wait for take off. Teary eyed and courageous hearts we sit ourselves down and face the next step in our lives.

Life is funny. You plan and look forward to new things and follow the Lord’s plan for your life and when the day arrives, you wonder: “Did I really hear God?”

If there’s one thing I know for sure it is that if we heard wrong the Lord would’ve told us by now. 😅

This is how our jet setting trip went.

We got to the airport with the parentals and the kids. Everyone as nervous and as excited as we could be. We sent the kids with the parentals to Ocean basket while the hubster and I got our Antigen tests done and exchanged our Thousands of Rands for a couple of dollars.

At the exchange bank the consultant informs us he needs a proof of residence with more than just a P.o Box number on. We both kinda freeze, but praise the Lord we are on God’s side!! The consultant sends us to ABSA bank where we have an account and requests a client profile. The hubster breaks out in a sweat of nerves, but I pull us together and we march on to ABSA bank at the airport. Not even 10 minutes later and we have our client profile paper. We show it to the consultant and before he could say another word, his lady colleague corrects him and tells him to finish the transaction. Praise the Lord for favor!!!

After that we have a last meal (for now) with the family at Ocean basket and we get the suitcases checked in. We push the truckload of suitcases into the economy que for Virgin Atlantic, but the consultant at the upper class que sees us and checks our luggage in. No hassles!!! We are told to walk through the isle next to him to our gate in the back. 😁

So we say our goodbyes and bravely approach the “other” side of the airport.

You know… the duty free side. 😜😜 Somewhere not me, nor the kids have ever been.

We move through security and customs. NO HASSLES!!! They didn’t even ask for the unabridged birth certificates or extra paperwork. Which we had ready. Mind you… But once again! If you serve the Lord then He will give you favor with people. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

We enter the duty free store and my eyes nearly pop out of my head!!! You know… I am literally not used to anything!! The kids each have a short heart attack, because all the sweets are OVERSIZED!!!! We literally react like foreigners in our own country 😂😂😂😂

But we don’t buy anything major, only chewing gum and something to drink before we take off. Just so you know… oversized sweets and chocolates are overpriced too… Even if it is in the duty free shop! 😂

Nevertheless… Just before we exit the store, Nicolaas shows me the most interesting thing!! It looks like some or other futuristic technology. A thiiiiiin screen that spins and projects the advertisements for Amarula liquor. I stood and stared at it wide eyed and open mouthed, because I had never seen something like that before. Only in cartoons that have holographic things in.

Sonicque, by the way has two epic meltdowns in the store, because she wants those sweets and can you imagine me, the packing donkey mother, carrying my backpack, plus Sonicque’s backpack, plus her handbag that can’t close, plus her jacket AND whatever oversized sweet she wanted!? One of those huge kinder joy eggs nogal!! Huh-uh! Not a chance. 😂

So the time arrives for us to board the plane and we head out to the gate. We mission to the gate! Don’t even mention all the other luxury stores we pass by. I can’t even…

So now that you know how our board the plane mission went, I’ll share in the next blog about the trip from Johannesburg to London’s Heathrow airport.



7 thoughts on “Jet setter status.

  1. elsabeskryf sê:

    Ek het onlangs op jou blog afgekom, Sonell. Sterkte met al die nuwe uitdagings! Dit is opwindend, en scary. Ek kyk na daardie hoop tasse en bewonder julle. 2 kiddies (as ek reg gesien het op die foto), baie bagasie en ‘n lang vlug. ek lees graag weer wat verder gebeur het.

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