Resting into our new season.

Our first flight of 3

If I could recommend an airline for flying long distance and with children, then it would be Virgin Atlantic.

Our flight with them was overnight from OR Tambo International airport to Heathrow in London.

Our seats were in the middle aisle of the A350-1000 aircraft. We each received a red fleece blanket, pillow and earphones with the seat to help us get comfortable. The screens in front of us had a ton of entertainment for the kids. Many movies, series, and even games. So the kids forgot about their own electronics and kept themselves busy with that.

Getting into our seats was a mission. I had my own backpack and Sonicque’s backpack with me.

They were full to the top! I packed extra clothes, snacks and activities for the kids so you can imagine the weight of the backpacks. 😅 Because we were in the middle seats the hand luggage compartments are a little higher than those on the sides, so I had to stretch my calves and reach for the stars to get my and the kid’s backpacks in… Every time I just sat down either Nicolaas or Sonicque wanted something from their bags. 🙄😳 Why are kids like that? 😂

Anyhoo, so before we departed we prayed as we always do whenever we go somewhere. Even to school in the mornings. The next moment we felt that push back and the airplane was in the air!!

Round about 8pm snacks were served and at 9pm our dinner was served.

The food was delicious on this flight, but I was seriously hungry too 😂😂

After dinner the kids and the hubster fell asleep and I also got some shut eye. I was awake every now and again to check on the kids. Nicolaas made me ask for a sleeping mask for himself.

The week leading up to the flights Nicolaas was adamant to get a sleeping mask. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I hoped he’d forget about it. He did not… So in the end he got his sleeping mask 😂😂😂

A couple hours later breakfast was served. It was nice. But I wasn’t fond of the scrambled egg filled pastry/bun. I don’t like scrambled eggs in general, but the yoghurt and fruit was yum.

The kids’ breakfast. The bun had ham, cheese & tomato on.

We were able to watch the flight from the tv monitors in front of us with the tail and wheel cameras and we were able to watch the landing. 😅 It was both exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time.

On Heathrow airport in London we freshened up, had a change of clothes and got something to drink and snack on so we felt more awake. Heathrow is a beautiful, big airport. The staff at security were friendly and we found our gate quickly without any hassles.

Our next flight was with Delta to Minneapolis USA.

The flight was ok, the food was ok. We didn’t have too much turbulence. The staff were friendly.

Flying over the ocean was nice. We didn’t see much, because we were flying so high above the clouds. As we started to descend we flew over Canada. It was beautiful and we saw a lot of snow. 😍

Ice in the ocean

A couple of hours later we landed in beautiful Minneapolis on USA soil!! 🇺🇸 Our wait was almost over!!

Going through security and customs had us a teeny bit nervous, but the Lord showed us favor with everyone we came in contact with. There was one hiccup with customs, but that’s because I misunderstood where we were supposed to go and I led the family with our luggage to the screening line, instead of the exit line. 😂 But it got sorted real quick. We checked our bags in for the last flight and then took another hour to find our last gate. Our layover was 12hrs that turned into 14hrs, because our flight was delayed by 2hrs.

After finding our gate we looked for a place to eat. We found the Twins bar and grill and there we had our first meals in the USA. The hubster had buffalo wings and Nicolaas and I had Cheese curds!! The only way I am able to describe the taste is that there was a party in my mouth!! I’m not sure whether it is Mozarella cheese or Halloumi cheese, but it is crumbed and deep fried and served with Ranch sauce. I am craving it writing this!! 🤣🤣🤣

Cheese curds with ranch dressing

There are many things to do on the airport, so the kids played at a play area while dad and I had a rest. We freshened up and changed clothes again and felt much better again.

Not even makeup could wipe the tired off my face 😂
Waiting to board. We departed around 1am I think. We were soooo tired. 🥹

Ou last flight landed around 2am and we finally saw Bennie!!! Our dear friend who patiently waited at the airport to pick us up. He took us to the hotel where we got a couple of hours sleep. This is where I noticed a few different things…

Toilet handles are on the left 😳
These light switches were huge and I noticed that light switches aren’t all the same here. In South Africa, light switches are all the same. Here there’s a variety. 😃
To open and set the heat of the shower this knob had to be turned all the way around and to close, all the way around back again.
It looks like in the movies. 😅 Sorry, I had to…
A great place to stay!!

The next morning we had breakfast. There was a buffet of food to choose from.

3 types of cereals


A gravy or porrige they eat over a cookie? (I passed, but the hubster enjoyed it.)

Different fruitsM


Coffee station

And a place where you make your own waffles!!! What!? 😳 😅 I am not used to anything, so I tried the waffle thingamajig… o boy… I turned it on and didn’t know I was supposed to turn it over and it kept beeping until a lady told me to turn it over. 😂😂😂 I’m new here ok… And it was obvious.

It’s still obvious. 🤣🤣🤣

The ride home was beautiful. Nature here is breathtaking and the people are friendly. We have been showered with welcomes and gifts and generosity and favor and love. We feel part of the family already.

So we are home at last and we are working hard at finding our feet and learning new things. We love it here. We do miss our family and friends. But we know why the Lord called us here and we are working hard at doing what He called us to do. Showing His love and sharing His Word. ❤️


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