It all feels like a dream!

So… We’ve officially been on American soil for one whole week! It’s already been quite an adventure and we’re getting the hang of things slowly but surely.

Farm life is the good life. The early morning comes with a variety of sights, sounds and smells. Standing on our deck outside I hear a variety of familiar and unfamiliar bird songs. Some geese (I think) far in the distance and the soft wave-like ocean sounds made from the wind through the pine trees. On our lawn a small bunny hops along, unaware of my eyes following it.

Good morning America!

Everything here is strange and wonderful all at the same time. The hubster has been working good hours the past week so the kids and I decided to be brave and pack the bull by the horns to look around and get to know our surroundings.

On Tuesday I decided to get in the car and go to town! We needed some things and the only way to get it was to actually go to the town that is just a couple of miles from us. Before getting in the car to drive on the “wrong” side (😂😂) of the road, I was pretty intimidated… But Holy Spirit reminded me that: “I can do all things through Christ Who gives me strength.” So we got in the car and we went to town!! No problems. Like I’ve been doing it forever… There were maybe two times when I turned at a stop street that I went to the left lane, but I quickly realized it was the wrong lane… 😅😅 No one got hurt during that practice run…

Grocery shopping can be a little intimidating… I have no idea about the different brands or what the food tastes like. Not to mention the cleaning products! Cleaning products are cleaning products right? Yup, until you don’t know the brands and need to read almost every label to see what it’s used for. 😂😂 I spend hours in the store trying to figure these things out, but I expected this! You can’t go to a foreign country, thinking everything is going to be the same… That’s silly!

So here’s what I’ve seen.

This is delicious. A little sweet to my taste, but yummy.
We have Fritos and Lays chips in South Africa, but not the dips. I bought the hot bean Fritos dip and will soon try it. 😜
There is a variety of almost everything here and the flavors are pretty interesting!
This is a regular muffin and twice the size of South African regular muffins.
The eggs (most I’ve seen) are so white! I keep getting excited, thinking they are the white candy coated chocolate eggs we buy around Easter, but crack them and you will soon realize they are regular eggs. 😅😅 (There are many different colored eggs here. It all depends on the type of chicken.)
I tried cooking these, but I think my cooking skills had jetlag, 😂😂 I’ll just try again. They taste like any other ocean fish.

A variety of food and cleaning products are available, but limited, because of the small sizes of the towns. They are known as rural communities so we drive a lot to see where we can find what. It will change with time as we become more familiar with things, but for now that’s what we do. 😊

This is the closest I found to maize meal. The texture is the same and the only difference is that it is yellow. So now we have yellow “pap” with some “braaivleis” 😜 I haven’t cooked it yet. I’ll let you know. 😁
This is my new favorite chips flavor! The flavors of the snacks here are a bit more intense than in South Africa, whereas the spices for food are less intense.
These are pretzel sticks with a cheese sauce. The kids love it!
These are pre packaged salty crackers with peanut butter in between. The combination sounded weird at first, but once you start eating these you don’t stop! 😂
We love our sauces and the Americans too! We get along well. 😜😜
Cheese and crackers on a whole new level! I’ll choose a different brand of crackers next time though. This easy cheese tastes like cheese spread and is the kid’s new favorite snack!
Apple sauce. Something I can’t only have just one… 😂
I’m telling you… everything is bigger here! I don’t have small hands…
Tomatoes are sold on the vine! It keeps them fresher for longer. 😁
Coffee creamer is a big thing here! There are many different flavors. I normally take my coffee black, bitter and strong, but tried this for the blog. (You’re welcome 😂) It sweetens the coffee and has a slight cremora (South African coffee creamer) after taste. It’s good. 😊
We buy milk by the gallon. “Whole milk” means the same as “Full fat” milk.
This is a 2L. Short and fat. 😊

So… These are only a few of the interesting foods I found. There are more, but the hubster wants to know why I am photographing our food… 🤣🤣

Just took the last sip of my coffee creamed coffee. Back to the black and bitter for me. I’m not really a sweet coffee type of gal.


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