What it’s really like.

I haven’t written about our new life in the States in a while, because I’ve actually been through about two weeks of serious grieving of relationships and finding our feet. If there’s one thing I can tell you it’s that no matter how ready you are to go somewhere new, nothing prepares you for the first month.

I saw this posted on a SAFFA Facebook group recently and it hit home for what I had been experiencing. As exciting as this adventure has been so far, so gut wrenchingly hard it has been too.

It’s all new. The house. The no security gates. The no masks. The no 6 feet walls and electrical fencing. The constant electricity. The clean water. The safety. The new shops. The new restaurants. The new culture. The new people. The new language. The new accent. The crazy weather. The new sport. The new friends. The new church(es). The no-pothole roads. The trying to make new friends with an awkward accent that gets compliments. 😄 The longing for our friends and family in SA. The late nights due to the late sunset and my whole sleep pattern being thrown out. The trying to get on our feet in a country where the English is almost Greek to me. Honestly, American English is waaaayyy different from South African English. 😂

I know it sounds like I’m complaining. I’m NOT. I’m just trying to explain to you what we’ve been going through. So it’s been a tough two weeks…

Making friends? Slowly but surely… The other night I sat at the kid’s baseball game and I greeted every woman who made eye-contact with a smile, to mostly get funny looks back at me or no reaction. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I think there might be something wrong with my smile. It might look like I’m showing teeth rather than smiling 🤣 I think my awkwardness shows. I think people can smell it. 😅 Later on I was snacking on some sunflower seeds and I ate the whole shell etc. I mean really, you don’t have to spit out the shell. I eat orange peels too, most of the vitamins are in there. So my eye caught another mom laughing at me with one of her friends about me eating the sunflower seeds shell and all. I understand they do it differently, but I eat the shell. Anyway…. I just looked away. Luckily I’m not a people pleaser and if I’m a bit weird to you that’s ok with me. I’m the kind of person that will flavor your life with my awkwardness 😂

Anyhoo, I wasn’t too put off by the lady’s giggle. I was glad I could brighten their day with a good chuckle nie. 😁

The next day I took the kids to the pool. There I met another mom (whose name I can’t remember) and we had a fun chat about planting flowers and not having green thumbs, so hoping the flowers we planted survive. 😅 She was so friendly! I also met up with another friend at the pool who also brought another mom friend with so I made friends with the new mom too. They both love Jesus so a BIG win there!

I think in this season I am really learning how much I depend on God to help me make the right friends who also love Him and love to serve Him. I am learning that it’s okay to be different and not be understood. It’s okay when people find me strange and different. They are strange and different to me too so I am learning to show grace and love people the way Jesus loves them. No matter who they are or whatever their history or lifestyle is.

I cried myself to sleep the other night, because I had a different expectation of our lives here and I asked God if I had been imagining all this and His call on our lives all this time for 3 years! I asked Him to reveal to me clearly that this is exactly where He wanted us. The next day I went to the midweek prayer and worship at the church. The Pastor asked me to please lead the midweek Bible study and teach and disciple those who would attend. And right there God answered me clearly that we are exactly where God needs us right now. So I am humbled and so dependent on the Lord to help me teach His Word in the right way so that His people may be set free, healed, delivered and equipped to also go out and preach the Gospel of Jesus! Revival is now and God has not forgotten about Mott 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

The kids and I went grocery shopping as well yesterday.

We went to the Family Dollar store. It’s like a glorified PEP stores. The only difference is that you can buy food and cleaning products here too. I bought more than enough for the next month and half way under budget! The hubster was very proud of me! 😁 I also went to the bank to deposit two checks. After a previous bad experience I wasn’t very excited to go, but this time everything went well and the clerk was very friendly and gave me good advice about opening my own account too. So another win!

Slowly, but surely we are getting back on our feet. We’re getting used to not having to constantly look over our shoulders. When we got here one month ago I was constantly on edge. Locking all the doors and windows and keeping the kids close all the time. The other night we slept with the windows open. 😳 It was way too hot to keep them closed. 🥵

Last night I forgot my purse in the pick up! Unlocked! 😳 Outside! 😂 Yep, I’m getting comfortable. 😳😅

The kids are loving the freedom. The other day we attended the town’s special day called Mott the Spot. The street was full of jumping castles and the kids just went their way while I visited with a friend! Kids were running all over the place. Parents visited with no worries. There were vendor stalls and food and drinks and snow cones and games and old cars and music and activities galore. We had a great time!

Our garden is coming along slowly but surely. Another wonderful friend gifted me some flowers and I planted them in the tires I painted and the planters I bought at a garage sale with some lights I also found at a garage sale. 😁

There are three more tires I want to fill with soil and with my seeds for Lavender and peppers. As soon as they bloom I’ll chat about it.

So all in all. This season of our lives is quite an adjustment and God wants us here which also explains the absolute spiritual warfare I’ve been facing this month and Satan trying his best to just let us give up and go back, but he’s forgotten that this tough cookie made it through the last three years of refining our characters and allowing God to harden my forehead for the spiritual war on this side. Many souls will come into the Kingdom of God, because I am not a quitter! Satan is the quitter. Not me. 😜 And God has already rewarded us for our obedience in MANY ways that we never even expected. We’ve been here one month only. God provided us with a fully furnished home, vehicles to drive with, a community that supports us, godly friends and family and a future to prosper us and give us hope and a future, because we are after God’s heart which beats for the lost souls in this world.

May our lives inspire generations after us to say yes to God at any cost! He rewards obedience 🔥🔥




9 thoughts on “What it’s really like.

  1. elsabeskryf sê:

    Jy soek jou hulp by die regte Een, en daarom is jy suksesvol en-route op jou nuwe pad. Soos jy tereg sê, die Vader sal wys wie die regte vriende is by wie jy kan inhak, sonder om jouself te verloor. Well done EN sterkte met al die aanpassings. Dis opwindend… maar ek weet dit kan ook scary wees, né

  2. Bondelsgedagtes sê:

    Liewe Sonell, ek kan net raai hoe erg die aanpassings moet wees. Ek het gesukkel om in ‘n ander dorp aan te pas wat nog te se ander land. Ek onthou van jou skrywes voor julle getrek het. Hoe seker jy was en hoe opgewonde. Jy is op die regte plek, ons almal weet dit. Jy doen goed, beter as wat jy dink. Ek dink wat dit soms moeilik maak is omdat ons ‘n eie prentjie inkleur van dit wat God vir ons kies. Dan voel ons bietjie verdwaal. Maar jy het darem nog jou bloggers vriende as dit te alleen raak. Blessings vir jou

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