The things children do.

Children really are a different type of specie. They do and say the strangest things. I love watching funny videos about kids. It reminds me of the innocence of a child and that a child’s world is much bigger than an adult’s world. I remember how I used to sing and perform in my room … Lees meer The things children do.

Our first big snow storm.

We had a snow storm previously with a lot of snow, but we have not seen it like THIS yet! Ok, let me just bring you up to date with everything that has happened recently. Since I last wrote on here there has been a lot that happened. I had my first two events where … Lees meer Our first big snow storm.

1 year ago.

Hello there, Today was the 1 year anniversary of when we said goodbye to the hubster at the airport. One year ago today we didn’t know what life would look like 1 year later. There was so much sadness and uncertainty and longing for each other. 1 year ago we were different people. A lot … Lees meer 1 year ago.