It’s only a season, not permanent.

I remember being a little girl in my godmother’s house. I remember being a 7yr old in my mother’s house. I remember living in Parow as a Grade 1 girl walking home from school, picking up 20c and buying 2 black nickerballs with it at the pharmacy. Then I remember our move to Pretoria. Staying … Lees meer It’s only a season, not permanent.

Week 2 done.

So… Today today it’s been two weeks since the hubster left for the USA. He is doing absolutely great and adjusting so well. They’ve been working long hours, but I think it’s about time he works in the line he enjoys and loves. As a young girl I said I would never marry a farmer… … Lees meer Week 2 done.

Week 1 done.

Today 1 week ago the hubster left for the USA. The children and I have been crying every day since then. We miss him terribly, but today we all feel a bit better. This morning and afternoon (our time) we had a good chat and it fills my heart with peace to see how much … Lees meer Week 1 done.

Covies day 4.

This past week has truly been a blessing in disguise for our family. Yes, this bug can kill anyone at any moment and it has, but in hindsight for our family, God used this to bring us closer together. This week would have been extremely stressful for us, but God turned it around and gave … Lees meer Covies day 4.

Covies day 3.

What to do, what to do? Today was day 3. When we woke up this morning we were super lazy 😂 So we decided to not do ANYTHING today… For me that lasted until about 12pm… 😂 So I started washing the dishes and vacuuming and some more infinite laundry, because laundry is never truly … Lees meer Covies day 3.

Covies day 2.

Today was super great. We are all already feeling even better than we did yesterday. I have a ton of energy so I applied it all productively. I sorted the kid’s toys… And beat the laundry load!! We are doing well. We decided yesterday from the beginning that we were going to be and stay … Lees meer Covies day 2.

Covies day 1.

This is only half of it… Yes… we have it too now… This morning when the hubster told me he received the news the first thought that went through my mind was: “We were so careful.” These past few weeks has been filled with losses. Friends we knew who passed away due to this dreaded … Lees meer Covies day 1.

My beurt is my beurt.

Die Goue Vroue is ‘n handjievol Suid-Afrikaanse vroue – oud en jonk – wat lief is vir skryf.  Ons is geanker in die werklikheid, maar spoor mekaar met bloguitdagings aan om te fantaseer.  “The Talking Stick” dien in hierdie geval as inspirasie tot wonderbaarlike stories…elke Goue Vrou kry haar beurt.  Hierdie rondte pak ons in … Lees meer My beurt is my beurt.