Two weeks in

Hey friends,

We are almost two weeks into this new school year and so far so good.

At the beginning I vowed to pack healthy lunches every day and up until now I have stuck to my goal. The kids aren’t necessarily eating it all, but they will get used to it eventually.

We have been struggling a bit to get into the whole homework routine again, but with the Conference last week and the whole weekend’s events it was a bit hectic, so from today on we started working hard again.

Big brother has made friends in his class and I am so happy about that.

Tjoeks loves her teacher, but it doesn’t seem like she has a specific friend she likes to play with. Last year she had a friend from Grade R (Kindergarten) but she’s gone on to Grade 1 now… So Tjoeks needs to find a new friend.

Work has been quiet… It’s January… But at least we’ll be going to the beach next month! Just crafting our own holiday. Haha!

It’ll be my 33rd birthday next month. To me this is a very special birthday… Jesus’ ministry on earth ended when He was 33, mine is starting! There is something significant about this year.

Last week at the Conference I was able to let go of a lot of anger I had towards others due to suppressing my emotions, because of a few things that happened. People think I don’t know… Believe me… I know… 😄 But I made the decision to just let it all be, release the anger and let them go. It’s such a freeing feeling! It’s like having to put your phone down, because you need both hands to do something and now that I let go of those feelings I have both hands to work on the Kingdom of God.

How has January 2020 been treating you? Comment below and share with me. 🤗


11 thoughts on “Two weeks in

  1. pajamasmetsokkies sê:

    Wel, met my kind wat nou universiteit toe is, het ek tyd om weer op myself te fokus en aan my planne en drome te werk. Verlede jaar het ek besluit om net tot die 6e Des te oefen en om weer vandeesweek te begin. ‘So far so good. Ek het ook weer begin om ordentlik te eet en nie enigiets wat voorkom nie. 😁 Ook ‘so far, so good’. 😉
    Geniet die nuwe jaar! x

  2. Tannie Frannie sê:

    Nog ‘n nuwe graad eentjie! Mag sy geseënd wees. Hierdie Januarie is een van die gelukkigste tye in my lewe, want terwyl ek by my dogter in die VSA kuier, is ek bevoorreg om te beleef watter besonderse mens sy is.

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