Die keuse is joune.

The past two to three years has been a time of change and choices. Constant choices of left, right or straight on. Will the choices end at some point? Absolutely not. Life is made up of choices and that only changes the day when we pass away. 

The biggest and best choice I made was to choose to be happy. Choosing to be positive. Choosing life… Choosing to start over. That is one thing life has taught me. It’s never too late to start over. The choice is yours. Are you going to sit and accept what life has dealt you, or are you going to shovle your hand of cards and throw out a full house? 

Time is the only permanent thing that is always changing. Nothing else in life is permanent and that is why, whenever I am going through a tough time I always remember these words: This too shall pass. Everything is a season. It’s up to you if you are going to grow or die during that season. For a big part of my life I was bleeding emotionally and at some stage I started bleeding on people who had nothing to do with my pain… That’s why I decided to get up, wash off the blood, treat each wound individually and move on. I chose life. I made a choice to live a full and happy life. I decided to grow through what I was going through and today I am starting to pick the fruits of my courage. It takes courage to make the choice to let go and let God. It takes a brave heart to let go of the control you thought you had over your life. 

I hope that you also decide to get up. I hope that 2019 will bring you joy, because you chose joy.


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