Where do babies come from?

Tjoeks is now 6yrs old. She is very outspoken and a curious child. She loves to ask me those difficult questions…

I believe we can answer any difficult questions that children may ask according to their age. We as the adults just need to be creative.

So today I got the question again: “Mom, how do babies get in the mom’s belly?”

Usually I would tell her that the daddy gives the mommy a seed and then the baby grows in her belly… Today she wasn’t satisfied with that answer and asked:

“Where does the daddy get the seed?”

Me: “God gives the daddy the seed. He gives it to the mommy and then the baby grows in her belly.”

Tjoeks: “But how does the seed get into the mommy’s belly?”

At this point I just thought: Lord, help me with this one, because neither her or I am ready for this answer…

Me: “The daddy puts the seed in the mommy’s belly through her bellybutton and then Jesus lets the baby grow…” 🙄 Sorry I lied halfway Lord, but I’m gonna need more time on this topic.

At last she was happy with the answer and I was left in peace again.

Honestly, these kids of ours keep testing me every day. Lol!



3 thoughts on “Where do babies come from?

  1. seegogga sê:

    Ha ha, so moes ek as baie jong juffrou die geslagtelike voortplanting van die soogdier en die mens vir st 6prakties Die outjues vur wie die ajademues buetjue moeilik is) verduidelik nalv dieselfde vrae…

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